Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Aynsley McAuslanAynsley McAuslan
Nervous and Anxious - Receives only 4DF's and very positive comments from Examiner!
I was very nervous and anxious at the beginning of the process of learning to drive and had put it off for many years but meeting Susan for the first time she put me at ease straight away! I really didn’t need to worry. Susan was very patient, understanding and encouraging the whole way through, even working around my hours at work and using her spare time. Nothing was too much trouble. I would honestly recommend Susan to everyone. I don’t think I would have passed my test as quickly and to the level I did with any other instructor. The LDC system works great. To have all the information at hand either using the book or online facilities is a great tool. It keeps you on track and allows you to see the areas you need to focus on easily. It gives you reflection after every lesson, what went well and what still needs attention. The videos and mock theory test questions were an added bonus and really helped me in the lead up to my test. Thank you Susan and LDC.

Kevin McGillKevin McGill
Passed First time!
LDC resources very easy to use and understand, a step by step guide to lessons. Susan was very helpful and friendly, approachable and willing to adapt to aid my learning. Great instructor who knows her stuff, very accommodating and supportive.

Kiana BelottiKiana Belotti
First time pass!
Susan was an amazing instructor who put me at ease every lesson. Her manner of teaching and explaining gave me a thorough understanding and complete knowledge of what is expected to become a safe and confident driver. Susan covered all topics and adapted well to me having prior driving experience. The LDC workbook and videos were extremely helpful and easy to follow. Overall I had a very positive and enjoyable experience with Susan and have already recommended her/LDC to others.

Marije ZwartMarije Zwart
First time pass!
I started driving with Susan after having driven with my dad for quite a while. She was very good at pointing out the bits I still had to improve or change but also telling me what I was doing well already. Access to the LDC book and online lessons allowed me something to refer back to when practicing between lessons so that I made good progress. Finally, Susan fully prepared me for what to expect in the driving test, helped me get my own car ready for it and quickly answered any texts with questions. Thank you!

Holly DallasHolly Dallas
Passed with only 2 Minors!
Susan had started with me after I had been going out with my mum and dad during lockdown and on the approach to my test. She insured that my driving skills were fine tuned and up to date with current guidelines. Susan was very patient, helpful and explained things really well and helped me pass my test with only 2 minors. Thank you so much!